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May 4, 2012
@ 12:23 am

Last week Friday my agent Marek and Associates arranged me a studio and equipment to shoot some cool new stuff for my book. I decided to take full advantage of the studio and booked in 13 models
to shoot group shots, singles and beauty. The Studio was incredible , the biggest one i have ever worked in ! 5000 sqft daylight studio. Highland Stages Studios.

We tried arranging a stylist for the day but because it was such short notice no one was available , so me and the makeup artist Anetta Klemens decided to do the styling ourselves, buying clothes from various stores. i think
we did a fucking good job styling 13 different models.

To make things quicker and easier , Mark my lighting master created two setups, one for the group shots and 1 specifically for beauty.  For the color shoot idea I managed to get 28 plus shots and the beauty probably another 15 .
im currently retouching the beauty so will add these shots shortly ! Please have a look at the rest of the shoot on my website and let me know what you think !

thanks to Mark Sherman for beautiful light as usual, Anetta Klemens for makeup and for producing the entire shoot and Gad Cohen for awesome perfect hair. I have never worked with such a fast crew ! we all worked 10 hours straight with no breaks .